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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@Insight posted:

So you want to give yourself credit for posting an insult, then deleting it?  

Yes. Good people can take back something and even admit when they're wrong.

After trying to deflect a detailed takedown of the suspect data analysis you hung your hat on, by calling it “moving the goalposts”?

The information I provided (about Biden not doing as well with Blacks as Clinton) is easy to find and research. You self-serving interpretation of your response as a "takedown" belies the truth of the actual data and facts (which you asked for.) Besides your unrepented personal attack your other logical fallacy was indeed "moving the goalpost."

If I didn’t know better, that’s more the “strategy” of a knucklehead MAGAt like Napacat than an informed political observer from either side of the center.  I almost envy the blissful world you appear to inhabit.

Another personal attack, what a guy. Now you've lost twice.

Now tell us again how you've lived amongst black people for so many years. ProSys, the great white (I'm going with you're white even though you won't say) spokesman the black race has been looking for.

The last word, no doubt another insult, is yours. Enjoy.

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