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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@The Old Man posted:

I'm going out on a limb, with only what you have written here and the demographics of high-end wine drinking in general, that there is a 1% chance you are black. Let me in and let me know if this was right.

"To you, she is black.  To the black community, it’s a bit more nuanced."

I find this incredibly offensive. First that now you're speaking for the black community. But more shocking is as a thinking person you don't know that a black person is black no matter what others may think? There's no nuance. Are you aware of the history of black racism against black women whose skin was too light? Perhaps you should go back to your friends, whose opinions you take highly, and ask them about the days of Pinky and high yellow. Racism in all its forms stinks. And then ask them are they just too upset about this ersatz black women are going to have to vote for Trump and Pence?

There are more colors in this world than white and black.  

I’m well aware that the black community can be as racist as any other.  As I stated above, I grew up in a majority black neighborhood.  Was definitely on the receiving end of racist incidents on more than a couple handfuls of occasions.  

Where you’re really going off the rails here is your perception that Biden needs serious help to get the black vote out to the polls in November, and was “soft in that area”.  You fail to realize that black voters are why Biden scored his first few (and obviously much needed) primary wins in South Carolina, Alabama and Arkansas, which propelled him into Super Tuesday with massive momentum.  Black Dem primary voters overwhelmingly supported Biden over Sanders, Warren, etc., particularly in the Southern states:

This shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone.  Biden got along extremely well with Obama, and the black community never forgot that.  Don’t belittle the black community by assuming that any Dem Presidential candidate could have chosen a black running mate, and such a move would be viewed as genuinely as they view Biden doing so.  They would absolutely side eye the likes of Bernie or Buttigieg if those guys had done such a manuever.

Don’t forget as well that Harris, as a DA and AG, was a centrist in her views about crime and policing.  You’d be hard pressed to find much in the way of policy reforms that were beneficial to the black communities in San Francisco, or California at large:

Considering that Putin’s Bitch has accomplished nothing on behalf of the black community to improve his meager showing at the 2016 polls with black voters, I’m not sure what place you’re coming from in assuming that Biden desperately needed a black woman on his ticket to keep black voters from staying home this November.  In a multitude of ways, he’s nothing like HRC was in 2016 at this juncture.......

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