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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@wine+art posted:

Exactly. Trump is not and has never been a republican. As a lifelong republican myself I never thought I would see tariffs again from the party as history has shown that Hoover and his tariffs ( Smoot Hawley) played a major role in the Great Depression. Also, the Federal Reserve has stated that as of September 2019 Trump’s tariffs cost the American consumer $7.1B in additional cost and displaced 100’s of thousands of American workers. Keep in mind, this doesn’t include the largest ever giveaway of taxpayers money Trump had to give farmers due to his idiocy on trade. Please keep in mind, this was free money ( taxpayers) that will never be repaid as opposed to the automobile industry which was repaid. 

Also, Trump has added to the federal deficit like a drunk sailor prior to the pandemic. It seems the current Republican Party is all talk about deficit spending until they are in power. As a fiscal conservative I don’t have a clue who this party is anymore. 

As you know, B, I can’t stand Hillary Clinton, but she has nothing to do with what this fraud and conman is doing and has done. Nothing. 

ditto, my entire family have been life long republicans too. 

(btw the bank bailout was repaid and the auto bailout was pretty much lost, since nobody wants to buy GM cars) 

But the way this economy is run is just absolutely atrocious.  The mishandling of everything in this economy has forced the fed and congress to pump almost 1/3 of last years GDP into the market.  They borrowed from future generations just to pay for the idiot in chiefs fuck ups.  Our kids and grand kids and their kids will forever be paying for all this debt that this current administration has borrowed.

Trump is on pace to double our total national deficit since when he took office.  This year our yearly deficit will double the highest deficit ever recorded.  Our next years deficit is projected to be the second highest deficit ever recorded.  

This incompetent administration filled with nepotism and incapable hires, can only see at best 1 move forward, the rest of the world is playing us 3 or 4 moves ahead.  The only thing this administration is good at, is lining their own pockets on behalf of tax payers.

If there ever was a time to quote the proverb "for want of a nail ... " this would be it.