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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@wine+art posted:

flwino, why are you spreading lye soap? 😂🤣😅.  The empty suit is as dumb as Trump! 

You are correct, flwino. As many on this forum know I have 3 people in my immediate family in law enforcement, 2 federal and one local. All said the same, you can arrest the individual if you like, but can’t crack his skull. 

Justly fired and will cost taxpayers $$$ in lawsuit. 

Now, why didn’t you tell me you were selling / spreading lye soap? 🤣

Napa does not know the difference between orange mans lies, VS  Soap

BTW  was a police paramedic for a few years in CT.  Worked with officers all the time.  We would have taken care of that man, even if there was an issue.  There are things in life that transcend jobs, and do morally right.   

I love being attacked by Napa. A real a$$  IMHO