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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@napacat posted:

Most construction sites I see are guarded with a fence and secured.  I don;t see any construction sites in FL that have piles of bricks in the open on the sidewalk.  I also don't see videos of police taking and hauling the piles away.  Nice try.

The protest is nonsense. 99% agree that this murder was wrong.  Ignore the other part of my statement.  The left is far to willing to say there are many many more good protesters than to say the same of the police.  FU...i'm on the side of the police.  If there are a few bad cops then we should do our best to rid them out.    But to want to de-fund the  Not right.  

How about a protest against the looters that killed the police officer in St. Louis.  This is outright anarchy and I am for the full force of the police department to shut it down.  

Once again

You are not here.  You have 0 credibility for those of us actually here.  And are you seriously comparing comparing the scope of construction that happens in new york compared to florida?

Does florida even have 1/100th the amount of brick buildings in new york?


Your comments, once again, shows how poorly informed you are.