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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@g-man posted:

It does, you need to get rid of all police unions.  Even in the midst of this, they're still stoking the police to pursue more violence.

You honestly need better news sources.

Pilles of bricks, so conveniently arranged and "strategically placed" in very neat piles on pallets surrounded by construction barricades on the side walk right next to a build with scaffolding up.  What would be the simplest explanation for this?  

1.  NY has stopped construction because of corona virus so there are piles of neatly arranged bricks on pallets right outside the construction site.

2.  Someone figured out a way to lift, hoist, 10000 pounds of bricks into a truck, then used either a pallet jack or a fork lift to get it back out again in front of a building construction site?  Because it sounds like you've never done any sort of brick work before.  It's heavy and it's no fun "transporting" around unless  you have the proper tools and since NY is under no construction phase still, the cops would easily if people are driving around with forklifts.  It's even less fun removing it brick by brick and neatly arranging them onto a pallet by hand.

There are also supposedly "proof" of photos showing broken up concrete in blue recycle bins "strategically" placed areas around the city.  More than a few councilmen have visited these photos in their district and they pan across to, you guessed it, construction activity, in this case illegal, but at least there was a brand new concrete sidewalk in the place of the debris.  Also amusing though is that these "criminals" happen to have NY City issued recycle bins meant for debris and so neatly placed the rather large broken concrete pieces into a pile and arranged them neatly right in front of a new side walk.

And your attitude is endemic to the situation at hand.  No one is saying all cops are bad.  Life isn't a duality.  Only those who are ignorant, think that it is , and usually for the sake of stubbornness ensuring that society never moves toward a better place.  What we are saying is that a group of folks who have been entrusted to maintain society, must include everyone in society.  A group of folks who have legally been given lethal weapons to enforce society's rules must be held to a higher standard, which means 1 bad cop is still unacceptable, and having unions protect these bad cops is even more unacceptable.  NY City alone has paid out more than 1 Billion in civil lawsuits stemming from police brutality.  The police, their pensions  and unions paid exactly 0$ in all of these.   This would be a systemic problem, and one that does require massive overhaul of the system.


Most construction sites I see are guarded with a fence and secured.  I don;t see any construction sites in FL that have piles of bricks in the open on the sidewalk.  I also don't see videos of police taking and hauling the piles away.  Nice try.

The protest is nonsense. 99% agree that this murder was wrong.  Ignore the other part of my statement.  The left is far to willing to say there are many many more good protesters than to say the same of the police.  FU...i'm on the side of the police.  If there are a few bad cops then we should do our best to rid them out.    But to want to de-fund the  Not right.  

How about a protest against the looters that killed the police officer in St. Louis.  This is outright anarchy and I am for the full force of the police department to shut it down.