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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@irwin posted:

That is an  interesting  piece, Napacat.  Mr. Floyd wasn't shot.  That fellow in New York, Eric Garner, wasn't shot.  Here in Baltimore, Freddie Gray wasn't shot. I don't keep data on this, but if you don't think that the police rough up, choke, kick, beat, and otherwise assault African American men at an unreasonable rate, and that they don't stop them and arrest them at unreasonable rates and for little cause, and stop them and so forth, then you are dwelling in an alternative universe.

Is it November yet?

That's true Irwin.  I think what happened to Mr. Floyd was disgusting and reprehensible.  For Mr. Garner, doesn't seem as cut and dry to me.  They tried to cooperate with him for 30+ minutes prior to him being placed in a choke hold.  Now, it can be debated whether any of that was necessary for selling individual cigarette.  

Freddie Gray...don't have enough info to discuss here.  I know the police rough up some suspects.  I know that African Americans are stopped for little cause...I just don't think the vast majority of police are looking to give AA  a hard time every day for the fun of it.

My point in general was there does not need to be a massive overhaul of  police departments across the U.S.  

Schumer this am stated that "the vast majority of the protesters are good and decent people".  Yet, he cannot extend or extrapolate the same outlook to the police in this country.    

Has anyone seen the police in NY picking up the piles of bricks that have been dropped off at locations to be used to smash windows and cause major damage?  

I will still chose to align myself on the side of law enforcement.  They are overall an amazing group of people.