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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@irwin posted:

That is an  interesting  piece, Napacat.  Mr. Floyd wasn't shot.  That fellow in New York, Eric Garner, wasn't shot.  Here in Baltimore, Freddie Gray wasn't shot. I don't keep data on this, but if you don't think that the police rough up, choke, kick, beat, and otherwise assault African American men at an unreasonable rate, and that they don't stop them and arrest them at unreasonable rates and for little cause, and stop them and so forth, then you are dwelling in an alternative universe.

Is it November yet?

African Americans are 4 times as likely to be stopped by the police for infractions and drug-use crimes (holding per capita infraction/use rates constant).  This, itself, leads to disparate outcomes.

Holding income and population density constant, police are only slightly more likely to use lethal force against a black person. *However* “income and population density” (ie. living in a ghetto) is a part of American institutional racism that should be addressed.  Also, being poor Or living in an urban center should not make your life less worthy.

Since 2015, when there were 40 cases of unarmed black people killed by the police, the number has dropped. It was 9 in 2019. And, of course, this also happens to white people (although at a lower rate).  But, beyond that still being unacceptable, there are other biases in the criminal justice system against black people such as those mentioned above and increased average sentences for the same crimes as white counterparts. 

The way *some* police have responded to these protests is to attack nonviolent protesters. There are enough videos of police essentially starting riots right now that no sane person could come to any conclusion other than major reforms need to take place in our policing.  Like all the peaceful protesters essentially not being covered by the news, I’m sure all the good policing is being given the same treatment.  But there is simply too much bad policing (often more based upon “authority” than overt racism) on display right now to turn a blind eye.

I remain deeply concerned about increases in COVID rates and death due to the timing of these protests. More African Americans have died of Coronavirus in the past 3 months than died at police hands (unarmed AND armed) and hate crimes and domestic terrorism in the past 20 years combined. I understand the pain and frustration, but all evidence is that these protests will result in years if not decades worth of equivalent death over the course of the coming months. But, given that the protests did happen, I certainly hope they bring about real change in how policing works in this country and open up a path to combating racism beyond issues of lethal police force.