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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@napacat posted:

Just trying to keep up with your drivel...common sense would lead you to believe the number is small otherwise you would have a disproportionate amount of law suits against policy / policy departments. I'm sure all the statistics I need are out there to be researched.   

As for the commercial pilot is a stupid one, as we know that in any field there are better trained people than others.  There are better pilots than other pilots (Sully) really only matters when the shit hits the fan.  There are better heart surgeons than other heart surgeons...what's your point.

Don't remotely suffer from a case of white's a fallacy.  Just an excuse and a made up term to give people an outlet for blame.

My comments are backed by proper facts and observations. Your drivel are nothing but sheepish comments that youve parroted from a few select websites, sometimes word for word.

Here is some hw just google the cost of police departments paying out civil lawsuits and you will see the number is drastically higher than imaginable.  Paid for by the tax payer with little recourse for change and no penalties for the offending cop.

And you seem to suffer from logical thinking let alone common sense.  The pilot analogy is exactly apt.  All professions require baseline training.  Listing superstar examples doesnt have any relevance with the discussing at hand.  Last time there was a bad apple pilot the plane disappeared into the indian ocean and never to be found again.  Its why its unacceptable for that profession to have any bad apples at all.  The same goes for those who are entrusted with the public safety, enforcement of laws and lethal weapons.

And yes. White privilege gets thrown around incorrectly but your comments in this thread have shown that you would be a valid definition of white privilege