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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@csm posted:

Red herrings can’t be the truth. By definition.

You got me, I should have just said the truth. Because it all was. You of won't answer any of them like the unprecedented rise in anti-semitic incidents is since this demagogue took office. Not to mention rise in anti-Hispanic attacks (what do you expect when the president says the majority of people coming from Mexico and rapists, murderers and drug dealers (?)), more attacks on blacks, Look at what just happened in Georgia. And of course an increase in threats to Muslims--you can't think that's just luck of the draw can you?. These are facts and they're not coincidences.

Charleston. I stand corrected.

He never once said the Nazi pigs there were fine people. There is nothing to excuse.

I understand that a number of Jews feel that way. However a large majority will certainly vote against him November as they did in 2016.



Perhaps csm, you could explain to billhike that I didn't call you an anti-semite. Bill you remind me sometimes of Scut Farkus's toady Grover Dill in Christmas Story. You knew if Farkus was being tough with someone Dill's the type who would do the reach around to get his licks in.

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