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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@csm posted:

For the record, my wife is Jewish. My son is Jewish. My ex-wife is Jewish.  I assumed you were referring to the Charlottesville incident (wife also is a Wahoo) where Trump has, wrongly in my opinion, been credited with calling the Neo-Nazi scum that were there “fine people”. I’ve listened to the whole speech. I don’t think that’s what he said.  

I’m also not defending Trump. I can’t stand him. I just think it’s counterproductive to go beyond his actual words.  You don’t need to embellish. His actual words are more than enough.

Your citing of all of the facts you did are nothing more than a red herring.  I said nothing of the rise in anti-Semitism. Or the massacre in Pittsburgh (victims lived in my in-laws’ community in Florida for what it is worth).  I was referring to one specific incident. Anyway, keep calling names and making assumptions.  It’s really all you do well.

Fucking idiot over and out. I’m going to go grab my Trump bear and screw myself. Like the putz I am. 

Those red herrings are the truth. Apparently billhike thinks I'm calling you an anti-semite. I had no idea what your religion is. I'm saying the president is an anti-semite and I'm giving you some examples. I think in your excusing his reaction to Charleston you are enabling an anti-semite. Many members of my Chabad also think he didn't say what he said.

As I said the great majority of Jews see right through this demagogue, a small minority do not. I'm proud of that.

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