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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@The Old Man posted:

In 2017 incidences of anti-Semitism rose at the steepest level since the Anti-Defamation League started tracking it. That number has continued to climb in the last two-and-a-half years leading to incidences such as 11 Jews slaughtered in Temple in Pittsburgh and 1 killed 30 miles away from me at a fellow synagogue. Hmm, now what coincided with 2017 and has continued for the last 3 years? You'd have to be a fucking idiot  not to recognize  the sick hate speech  that comes out of this awful person.

You have a president who never came out until way after saying that he was condemning white supremacists. He doesn't want to, because anyone who admires him is okey-doke with him. What kind of bar is set when you can't forcefully reject neo-Nazis? And I've already explained this before. He said there were "fine people on both sides." So let's say you're a fine person with a fine cause and you decide to go down and march. And a bunch of the people in your march are wearing wearing swastikas and other Nazi paraphernalia. Why earth would you get in line and march with them, no matter how wonderful your cause?  What a pathetic excuse.

Myself, and the majority of Jews, who are certainly the most demagogued people in history, know a demagogue when we see one. We know code, we know insinuation, and we see right through this poor excuse for a man. So go screw yourself and your "Chosen One." (remember when they used to mock Obama as our "Messiah"? I don't remember him ever actually saying anything like this putz as he looked to the heavens. You certainly can pick them.

Over and out.

For the record, my wife is Jewish. My son is Jewish. My ex-wife is Jewish.  I assumed you were referring to the Charlottesville incident (wife also is a Wahoo) where Trump has, wrongly in my opinion, been credited with calling the Neo-Nazi scum that were there “fine people”. I’ve listened to the whole speech. I don’t think that’s what he said.  

I’m also not defending Trump. I can’t stand him. I just think it’s counterproductive to go beyond his actual words.  You don’t need to embellish. His actual words are more than enough.

Your citing of all of the facts you did are nothing more than a red herring.  I said nothing of the rise in anti-Semitism. Or the massacre in Pittsburgh (victims lived in my in-laws’ community in Florida for what it is worth).  I was referring to one specific incident. Anyway, keep calling names and making assumptions.  It’s really all you do well.

Fucking idiot over and out. I’m going to go grab my Trump bear and screw myself. Like the putz I am. 

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