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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@csm posted:

Who cares? 

The US dollar is the global reserve currency and the US has the largest economy in the world. 

Trump's tweeting and general buffoonery is changing neither of those things.  The US is not in danger, nor will it suffer mightily, even if (when) Trump is reelected.  The respect of its allies, whatever the hell that means, is unimportant and irrelevant because of the US' economic importance.  

Wow.  With respect, it's not all about the economy, though with the US pulling out of or undermining almost all its trade partnerships it will soon be seen that that too is a mistake.  Like I said above, the US is not able to thrive and grow on its own, whether it is the largest economy and holds the global reserve currency or not.  It's inability to bend China to its will, trade-wise, along with other countries, is proof of that.  Trump tried to block the shipment of masks to Canada until we noted that one of the key ingredients of those masks comes from BC and cannot be easily or quickly sourced from the US.  Guess what?  We got our masks PDQ!  Just one example of American reliance on the interconnectedness of the global supply change where being the biggest economy doesn't matter.

But what I was mostly referring to was something else.  There is probably no reason for you to know this but there is a group called the Five Eyes, along with the Five Country Conference and other similar groups composed of the five major English-speaking countries who share intelligence with each other to make each country safe.  I know, because I participated in a couple of these groups back in the day. 

While the US has great intel they don't know everything that all the other countries know.  In fact some sub-groups now include lots of other democratic countries.  But going back to the time Trump revealed classified info to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister in the Oval Office a few years back, and perhaps before that, no one trusts the US to keep its secrets any more.  So some vitally important intel is no doubt not reaching the US because of this loss of trust.  And not just in the security area but in many other areas too, I'm sure.  There are dozens of multilateral groups of working-level public servants from all sorts of countries in all sorts of areas:  agriculture, law of the sea, and yes, health.  And thanks to Trump and some of his senior appointed officials, others no longer are inclined to share everything they know with the US.   

So revel in your status as the biggest economy and holder of the global reserve currency - though that too will eventually change as all empires eventually fail, after all - while virtually every area of American public policy suffers because of Trump and the people he puts in key positions based on loyalty to him rather than competence.