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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

billhike posted:
bman posted:
napacat posted:
robsutherland posted:

So you're complaining about the fact that in the middle of winter he doesn't want the heat on high?!?

Some people like cozy warm rooms, some like cool rooms. If that's your basis on electability you're a strange cat.  

How can everyone miss the basic point.  I don't care what temperature he keeps his room at (90 or 40).  The Climate Change warriors are the ones who deem Air Con bad for the environment and either want to do away with it or regulate what you can set it to....and here is the key part (Except when it comes to them).  Pure Hypocrisy.  Since he is all for the Green New Deal.  

Please offer, from a reputable source, a list experts who want to do away with air conditioning. Ideally with a link to the source. I'm sure you're not just making things up like your hero does many times a day. 

It amazes me that people still try and get an intelligent response or reference to any facts from the gibbering mook. You must have retired guy time. 

I do, actually, being a retired guy!  But accountability is important so whoever it may be, if he has a source let's see it. After all, some here may still take him seriously.