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Reply to "Santa Cruz Mtn Wineries"

I had the opportunity to visit Rhys on a recent trip to California.  It was a really gorgeous day to visit and tour their facility; nothing but blue skies and serenity. 

The tour of Skyline Vineyard and the production/storage facility was interesting, engaging, and informative.  The amount of work that went into building their cave was staggering. 

You can see Ridge from Rhys (about 2.5 miles away).  A valley (through which runs the San Andreas fault) lies between them.  It is a spectacular view.

We tasted the following wines:

2006 Alpine Pinot Noir

2007 Alpine Pinot Noir

2012 Alpine Pinot Noir

2016 Alpine Pinot Noir

2016 Horseshoe Pinot Noir

2017 Mt. Pajaro Pinot Noir

2017 Horseshoe Chardonnay

2017 Alpine Chardonnay

2015 Bearwallow Blanc de Blancs

The older Pinots were very good, as was the 2012; the Mt. Pajaro was solid; the 2017 Chardonnays are outstanding (if you are on their list, I would load up); and the Blanc de Blancs was a real treat.  The sparkler is a joint effort with Pierre Peters and is really, really good.  If you received an offer, it is a definite buy.



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