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Reply to "San Francisco Dining Impressions"


read the last two in this thread:

"Charles Nob Hill: Corkage is $25 (and the restaurant does not waive the fee if one buys a bottle off of the list."

"Chez Spencer: entrees. The restaurant has no liquor license so at present it is byob with no corkage being charged."

Looks as if Charles is really 'corkscrewing' his patrons. that is about the highest fee I have seen, for a resturant where you buy their marked up wines.

Board-O found one here that only charges $15 for a bottle that you buy at the wine shop attached, but no corkage for one off the list.

Thanks for the reviews. Very detailed and entertaining.

PS: Going out on a school night?? Did anyone have filled diapers?? [Big Grin] Was Shanew with you? [Wink]