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San Francisco Dining Impressions

I went to Jeanty at Jack's for the first time last night. The restaurant is located on Sacramento above Montgomery. Parking is available next to the restaurant for $10.

The restaurant presents as a casual Parisian Bistro. Jeanty cleaned up the interior of the restaurant however it still reminds me of how the prior Jack's appeared after it was remodeled in 1996. Service was somewhat slow.

Some tables are so close together that it is impossible not to hear snippets of conversation from other diners. In fact in the middle of the meal, a diner from another table across from me answered a question I asked of my dinner companion. Dining on the second floor of the restaurant is recommended to avoid this problem.

While the food is for the most part upscale bistro fare, the prices are more in line with a higher level of cuisine. Dinner for two (two courses and a shared single cheese course) with a $88 bottle of wine and tap water came to $198.

The food was well executed and enjoyable. Sweetbreads and rabbit with truffle oil was excellent although the portion was small ($24). A single cheese course of L'epoisse ($9) was excellent. The cheese was very mature - a bit of a risk on Jeanty's part since Americans for the most part still prefer cheese to be less than optimally mature. Escargot was served still in their shells ($12) and were well prepared. Steak tartare ($16) was enjoyable but is really better suited as a first course as opposed to an entree. Seasonal salads were forgettable for the most part.

The wine list is priced favorably and includes a large and varied selection ranging from cheap Cotes du Rhone to three mature Domaine de la Romanee Conti Red Burgundies. A number of rarities were available on the list at reasonable prices.

Overall an enjoyable experience. Not a value (for a little more one can obtain a much higher level of cuisine), but the restaurant delivers on what it promises.
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