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Reply to "Rubber corks"

Originally posted by wine+art:
The only flawed wines that I have had in 30 years of enjoying wine used cork as their closure, so I'm fine with alternative closures.

The only flawed closures that I have had in 50 years of enjoying wine used cork. Although at that time we didn't have a proper corkscrew :-))

In Switzerland you can't sell reds with anything other than a natural cork. That's what the customer insists on, right or wrong, at all price levels. You can only sell cheap whites and rosés with screw caps or synthetic corks.

Recently we dined in a rather good restaurant (Chateau Gütsch overlooking Lucerne), where they have a french sommelier who is reputed to be one of the best. My wife took the opportunity to ask him what he considered to be the best closure. He was very careful about his reply and he said that the best wines use the best corks which can cost up to 2 dollars each.

Now, the point is, a good restaurant has little choice. If you order an expensive wine they have to bring a bottle in perfect condition with a perfect natural cork, it has to be perfectly withdrawn and it has to smell and taste perfect.

That's how the top wines have to be. It's a question of marketing.