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jcocktosten posted:
purplehaze posted:

Morgan Wootten.  One of only 3 high school basketball coaches to be admitted to the Hall of Fame.  Coached for 46 seasons with an overall record of 1274 wins and 192 losses.  A DC legend, who was called the "best basketball coach at any level," by no less than Dean Smith.


Where at?  Dematha?

DeMatha, indeed. 

PH, John Wooden also said he knew of no finer coach than Wootten. I actually flew with friends while in college to see DeMatha in a tournament. They were that special.

DeMatha beat Power Memorial ( NYC) to break their 71 game winning streak when Lew Alcindor was the most dominant player in high school and a legend at Power Memorial. To name a few players that were coached by Wootten include, Adrian Dantley, Danny Ferry, Sidney Lowe, Derrick Whittenburg and James Brown before went on to Harvard to dominate the Ivy League and now at Fox covering the NFL.