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Rush drummer Neil Peart.  I am shocked.

So sad. Battling brain cancer for 3 years and kept it quiet. 

This really hurts. Selfishly I’m glad I finally saw him perform live on their final tour. After what he had previously gone through (losing his wife and daughter in the same year) I was hoping he would enjoy a long retirement with his new family, Definitely raising a glass to him tonight.

Was a big fan as well. RIP

Never a huge Rush fan but always appreciated the musicianship and interplay.   I tell you what tho, I listened to a replay of Jim Ladd’s interview with Neil from 2015 on deep tracks, and wow, what a force.  Highly intelligent, thoughtful, articulate, well read,  meaningful stuff to say.  Little did I know he was an author of 6 books.  I played some greatest hits when I got home afterwards and lamented I never got to see them live.  Hella drummer.

I highly recommend reading Ghost Rider if you get the chance. It’s nothing to do with the band, but rather an account of his 55,000 mile motorcycle journey dealing with personal loss. And yeah, for a guy who really hated publicity his interviews were fantastic. 

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