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doubled posted:
wineart 2 posted:

He was also a man born into great privilege like our current president, yet understood humbleness, public service, community service, civility and never thought the world revolves around himself. 

Bush is so deeply revered at Texas A&M. He was a fine gentleman that will be missed. 

Bill Clinton shared a note that Bush wrote and left in the oval office as one was leaving and the other was entering.  It was another great example of Bush's character which the public, including myself, probably never understood at the time until he left office.  RIP.

Yes, he was a president and a man that brought people together, not a president and man that divided a nation or a community. 

He was also a man comfortable enough in his own skin to laugh at himself. He loved Dana Carvey on SNL mocking himself and laughed out loud. How very refreshing and a glaring contrast to today.

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