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winetarelli posted:
The Old Man posted:
winetarelli posted:
sunnylea57 posted:

Stan Lee. 95 years of age.

We all knew it was coming. But it’s big. He changed how we story. 

"How we story"? Anyway it was for the worse. Turned an already 14-year-old Hollywood targeted audience to an endless stream of made-for-children comic book movies and sequels. Hooray for Hollywood.

Yes, TOM. 

How we tell stories.

Forgive my grammar policing. The trend of the verbing of nouns really gives me the willies.

This period in film history reminds me of the late 70s when children's stories--like "Star Wars", "Indiana Jones" and the creation of the "blockbuster" caused the great new wave of late 60s to mid 70s Hollywood filmmaking to crumble away. This trend really exploded again in the 21st century  (after 9/11 and the sobering of America?) with comic book heros in mega-franchises aimed squarely at teenagers.

Anyways blah, blah, blah, "Citizen Kane."

Glad you're safe and your home is only smoky not burned down.

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