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Reply to "RIP..."

Originally posted by irwin:
Glad we're not arguing, just discussing.

I think a reasonable test would be this: Would we today create a statue, mint a postage stamp, or place this person on a new coin?
The folks you mentioned: Franklin, Washington, etc..... the answer, I think is "yes". They had faults. We all do. (Even I do!) Biblical figures, like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad....all had faults because imperfection is an element of humanness.
But, would we mint a coin today to honor Stonewall Jackson? A postage stamp to honor the birthday of Rbt. E. Lee? I return to the example of King George III.-- would we honor him?

Somehow I am reminded of the words of Billy Shakespeare in the Mark Antony speech...
"The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones"
Perhaps this thought supports your position, perhaps mine. But, as you say, we are not arguing, just discussing.

I'm aware of at least 7 direct ancestors of mine that fought for the south during the Civil War, so while I think these monuments can be made part of history, I'd say the line is quite clear for me. We shouldn't honor generals of the losing side of a war in public squares, in front of courthouses, etc. They should only be displayed in milatary cemeteries and war memorials. Don't re-write history, but also don't give more honor to the losing side than deserved.