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Reply to "RIP..."

Glad we're not arguing, just discussing.

I think a reasonable test would be this: Would we today create a statue, mint a postage stamp, or place this person on a new coin?
The folks you mentioned: Franklin, Washington, etc..... the answer, I think is "yes". They had faults. We all do. (Even I do!) Biblical figures, like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad....all had faults because imperfection is an element of humanness.
But, would we mint a coin today to honor Stonewall Jackson? A postage stamp to honor the birthday of Rbt. E. Lee? I return to the example of King George III.-- would we honor him?

Somehow I am reminded of the words of Billy Shakespeare in the Mark Antony speech...
"The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones"
Perhaps this thought supports your position, perhaps mine. But, as you say, we are not arguing, just discussing.