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Reply to "RIP..."

Originally posted by scbeerman:
Glenn was a true American hero...

When we were kids, we'd each pick an astronaut that we wanted to be. For some weird reason, I was the only one of my "gang" who wanted to be JG. We'd drag one of those old stinky corrugated trashcans to the playground to use as a space capsule. We'd climb in, folding ourselves up to fit inside and someone would put the lid on. A couple of kids would grab the handles and shake the hell out of us to simulate lift-off, and then we'd hang out in the damn thing for a while pretending to be an astronaut. Then, usually a couple of the "big" kids would toss the trash can a few feet to simulate re-entry and we'd climb out smelling like garbage and stale beer. Fun stuff!

I proudly told Annie this story the first time I met her and I was SO psyched that she laughed quite hard to hear about my hero-worship of her husband.

She then told me a story about a game she and John played a when they were young kids. She said they pulled two chaise longues side by side and held hands pretending that they were flying! How fucking cool is that?

I've got a few more John and Annie stories, but they only get told over a glass of wine. Or schnapps.