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Reply to "RIP..."

Originally posted by Jorgerunfast:
You left a few key accomplishments off your list, like the times he brutally murdered thousands of innocents, or all of those times he arrested and tortured innocents without any form of due process. Or those "key dates" on which he seized the businesses and personal property (even the clothing and family heirlooms) from the citizens of Cuba. Oh yeah, and all of those times he chased citizens out of Cuba under the threat of execution because they chose to defend their family or property.

Not to mention that since the fall of the USSR, his people have been impoverished while he spends all day smoking cigars and living a lavish lifestyle.

The guy was a murderous thug and a conman. "Communism" my ass. He lived it up while the people suffered, and if you dared to challenge him or his government, you were beaten, tortured, and murdered.

This hardly belongs under "RIP". Maybe we should start a new thread for "RIH" (Rot In Hell).

Rot in hell you filthy, oppressive, tyrannical, murderer, piece of shit.

PS: LOL at "1976: Elected president by Cuba's National Assembly"

+1 Celebrations in Little Havana have been going on all night.