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Reply to "RIP..."

Originally posted by scbeerman:
RIP to the King, Mr. Palmer.

His contributions to golf and society will exist for a long, long time. Arnie put golf on the map, period. He was the dashing hero that made fans watch golf, which at the time was a niche sport, on TV. Arnie was cool, all the women loved him and all the men wanted to be like him.

Mr. Palmer was a kind, classy man who made everyone he met feel special. Like the post above, this one makes me cry. While we know death must come to all people, this one is a shock (even though we all knew he was in poor health).

We have seen the two most iconic athletes of my generation leave us in 2016, Ali and Arnie. That is tough.

Though I'm not a hockey fan, I will add Gordie Howe passed this year as well, making it 3 iconic athletes this year.

Palmer was one of my grandfather's favorite athletes, and they were close to the same age. His passing reminds me of my grandfather today.

I heard today he was worth $650+ million, even though the most he made in a single year of golf earnings was $168,000.