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Reply to "RIP..."

Originally posted by scbeerman:
For the players and fans of women's basketball, all of them should thank Pat Summitt. She was the pioneer of the sport, taking it from a club sport to a major sanctioned NCAA sport. For us older people, the girls played six on six with only three players allowed on each side of the center line back in our day. Now they play the five on five full court game.

Summitt was a relentless stickler for the fundamentals of the game. Her Lady Vols were the first dynasty in the sport, only now equaled by UConn. I still remember that 1998 Sports Illustrated article which so accurately detailed her life. RIP to one of the greatest coaches in any sport regardless of gender.

Of the numerous articles documenting Coach Pat Summitt's career, two of the most notable accolades were:

In the 38 years of coaching, every player who completed their eligibility graduated.

She turned down the men's head basketball coaching job at Tennessee as she did not consider it as a promotion.