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@The Old Man posted:

Lived to be a hundred, overcame stuttering and unfortunately died of  complications from the Coronavirus.

Actually, she never totally overcame it, although she made an incredible improvement in her 50s after attending an intense 3 week course at Hollins Communications Research Institute in Roanoke, VA.  She'd have an occasional hiccup in our conversations and I could tell that she was constantly aware of, and working on her speech.  

I've got some great John and Annie Glenn stories which I've shared with many of you who I've had the chance to raise a glass with.  They include schnapps and hot cocoa, stories Annie told me of her childhood friendship with John, sphincter tightening stories of early space travel by Senator Glenn and the incredible kindness she showed my daughter when she attended the rededication of the John Glenn College of Public affairs in her sophomore year at OSU.  

I addressed John Glenn as Senator Glenn when we first met, and he gently chided me and asked me to please call him John.  I don't think that I ever pulled it off.  I think the most informal I was able to get was Mr. Glenn.  It's that way with one's heroes often.  

I consider myself very lucky to have met both of these down-to-earth Ohioans  Although I'm an atheist, I truly hope that there is a chance that their souls are together again.  They were a true duprass.  If you don't know what that means, you need to read more Vonnegut.

RIP John and Annie.


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