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Reply to "RIP Dan Peek"

It's the heat and the humidity.
You know the wind-chill factor? My brother, the meteorologist, came up with a similar scale, but for heat and humidity, which he calls the "humisery index."

I apologize to all the American fans out there. All three of you.

I confess to knowing very little about Rock Music. When I was graduating college many years ago I got a job in a record store before starting law school. People would come in and ask if we had newly released albums. The names of the artists and albums made little sense to me. I knew that Beethoven wrote 9 symphonies. The first is called Beethoven's 1st. The second, the 2nd. And so forth. That made sense.
(ask Stickman)
But the group names were strange and made no sense. We had an album called Sparticus by Triumvirat, or maybe it was Triumvirat by Sparticus.
Anyway, one day I am near the front of the store. A man opened the door and said, "Do you have Empty Cartons?" I said, "Is that rock, or jazz, or soul, or R&B? I can help you find it."
He said, "No man, I am moving.....I need empty know...previously filled boxes."
Oh well.