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Reply to "Red Wine Storage"

Hey Doug, thanks for the tips! being new, what's "YW! HTH.

The model that I got is a Haier BC112G:

I've been perusing the forums for the last few days so I read about the humidity issue so did put little thing of water in the back rear of the fridge. Tonight, I went and got a hydrometer and while I was putting it in the fridge, I noticed some condensation in the back of the fridge. I didn't think anything of it but after getting the hydrometer in and leaving it there for about an hour and half, the reading says 80%. So now I've taken out the lil cup of water and hope the humidity will go down and it'll balance back out. If not, I can just try keeping the door open and letting the moisture out.

B/c the unit is used, I've been keeping an eye on it and so far, the unit the has been keeping the temp pretty regular. The top of the wine cooler is holding steady around 58 and the bottom @ 50. I guess that is just right for (from top to bottom) reds ready to drink, reds/wines I want to store and the bottom, whites.

As for the Brunello, I wanted to store/keep it as long as I can. Would that be bad?

That brings up another topic, for my other wines, or even the Brunello, is it "bad" to keep it past a certain time. It should only get better with age correct, ie melding of flavors and what not.

Looking forward to your responses! =)

Thanks again!