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Reply to "Recommended wineries for Central Coast and Paso Robles."

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for all the good tips I was able to glean from this thread, my wife and I just got back a couple of weeks ago. Wow what a great region I must agree the west is the best!

We went to some of the East side places on the first day, Tobin James, EOS, Eberle, and Bianchi. Kind of disappointed, nothing too interesting. Except for one standout, RN Estate, Roger is making some great juice. I was very impressed with his style and his dedication. I highly recommend stopping by for a visit, but you need to make an appointment which is not too hard since he is very accommodating.

The second day and for the rest of the trip we stayed on the Westside. We went to Justin and took the tour, we visited Josh @ Tolo Cellars, Lone Madrone (old hat zin) and Tablas Creek (who gave us a great tour of facilities), very impressed with the wine making efforts. Came home with a few.

The third day we visited with L’Adventure, Linne Calado (stick n Stones), Turley and Four Vines, again we were impressed with the wine making efforts and brought a few bottles home from each of these places.

The fourth day we cruised to Hearst Castle, which is only 35 minutes from the heart of Paso downtown and the traffic is nearly non-exsistent. Went up the coast a little to view the Sea Lions on the beach. Makes for a nice day trip.

Stayed @ a great B and B, just outside downtown Paso. It is called Villa Buena Vista. If you are ever in the area, I recommend a stay with them. Just ask for Patty! A side benefit (unbeknownst to us) is the nice (industry) discounts you can get just mentioning in conversation that your staying @ Villa Buena Vista. Everyone knows Patty! Wink

Then we had to come home, so sad. But lots of great memories, new friends made and some very good wine to drink.