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Reply to "Recommendations for Television Shows"

LoraMoser posted:

TV-shows are not my favorite entertainment. I don't like them very much. But I've seen some through the years so I have a shortlist of those that I do like:

Married with children


The Twilight Zone


The lost room

Black mirror

IT-crowd (UK)


Mad men

Breaking Bad

Well, if we are going all-time:

Comedies (in descending order):


Curb  (since the divorce)

Arrested Development (first 3 seasons)

Get Smart


Dramas (too many to list but what really sticks with me, in rough descending order, excluding GOT, which is its own thing):

The first season of Homeland

The Americans

The first 7 episodes of the first season of True Detective

The first 3 seasons of The Sopranos

The first 3 seasons of The West Wing

Dexter season 4 (Trinity Killer)