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winetarelli posted:
The Old Man posted:

I like Bill Maher. There are a few things about him I don't like. One is his anti-science, anti-modern medicine views. Today, in his opening interview, he outed himself as an anti-vaxxer. If anyone has children in high school or college who'd like to do a report on logical fallacies, his comments could fill pages. You'd could fill a couple of pages just on his numerous straw-man arguments.

Now I'm clutching my pearls at the horror of it.

I’m in the same boat. I agree with him on the strong majority of things. And that’s probably because he is usually interested in using knowable facts and objective logic. That makes his few anti-science stances that much more baffling. Some are fairly benign, but some are really dangerous; his anti-medical science stances chief among them. 

I just tried to watch the opening interview on Maher’s show. I had to fast forward through a bit I was so enraged.  “We don’t know 100% about the human body so we should discount the things 99.8% of medical scientists say we do know.” Wow.

As a complete aside, I’m on the spectrum; though, obviously on the milder end of it.  I’ve struggled with it in my life, but I definitely prefer it to having polio.*

And as a further aside, given that we already know that psychiatric and learning disabilities are genetic and largely hereditary; what doctor looks at seven kids from the same family, four of whom have autism, and concludes that vaccines are the problem?  

*I acknowledge that my learning disabilities and emotional disorders do not compare to some more afflicted. Something I do feel the need to point out. 

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