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Reply to "Recommendations for Television Shows"

Despite mrs bman's general aversion to dubbing and subtitles, we've watched three foreign language police dramas on Netflix recently.  As it happens, each was apparently the first actually initially recorded in its native tongue: 

Valhalla Murders in Icelandic

Hinterland in Welsh

Capitani in Luxembourgeois

We've really enjoyed each of them though we have two episodes of the latter to go. The first and third are dubbed while the second was apparently done originally in both Welsh and English.

The dubbing and the subtitles in Valhalla Murders rarely match and are often quite different from each other, which we found a bit off-putting at first but not a big deal.  The scenery is fantastic.  And there's a cool twist towards the end though we both figured it out earlier.

Hinterland is a series of stand-alone 90 minutes episodes.  We've just watched the first one. 

Capitani is 8 half hour episodes so more manageable time-wise. It did the best job of keeping us guessing as we still don't know who is the murdered.  And who knew southern Luxemburgers considered northern Luxemburgers to be such hicks?

We're hoping they all get a second series.