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Reply to "Recent 07 and 08 Italians"

Originally posted by Ardeis:
2007 Tenuta san Guido "Sassacaia"
A wine I have yet to understand or perhaps appreciate. Tastes like your basic drinkable chianti. Nice semi-sweet, semi-tart cherries. Average length. Average depth. Not overly interesting. Must have a distinct following to command $200 a bottle. I have never drunk any truly aged bottles so maybe I am just misinformed. ??

Ardeis in Seminole

Thank you for the notes.

I don't know who would have informed you to drink it young. I've only had this a couple of times with significant age on them. I know the "basic Chianti" taste that you speak of, and the Sass. wines I had were anything but.

And, as for the Nardi. You had it, but perhaps it was corked?