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Reply to "Question about the health benefits of red wine"

Much thanks to MiamiAtty and Cherry for their responses.

I did some digging on this subject and learned some interesting things about it that I thought that I would pass on.

Besides the obvious heath benefits of the alcohol in the wine the antioxidant Resveratrol seems to be one of the biggest health boosting components contained in the wine.

there is a grape variety that is native the the South Eastern USA known as Muscadine that has the highest concentrations of Resveratrol by far. Here are some comparisons:

Muscadine grapes: more than 40 mg/l
Pinot Noir: .40-2.0
Spanish Red wines: 1.92-12.58
Red wines (global): 1.98-7.13

Blueberries and other fruits have less that 10% of the Resveratrol of grapes.

Fruit produces Resveratrol in response to an attack by fungus, therefore grapes grown in cooler more humid climates (parts of Northern Europe) have a higher concentration of Resveratrol. It sounds like grapes grown in parts of the world where the climate is not condusive to fungal growth contain little if any of this chemical.

Which varieties of wine have the highest concentrations of flavinoids? Test results showed that the flavinoid favorite is Cabernet Sauvignon, followed closely by Petit Syrah and Pinot Noir. Both Merlots and red Zinfandels have fewer flavinoids than their more potent predecessors.

Out of interest I did a google search of Florida wineries and the two that I checked both offered wines made from these Muscadine grapes but they probably taste like crap Smile

Take care