Reply to "Preferred Age of Wine?"

Originally posted by Danyull:
No, there aren't really any general rules. It depends on a lot of things:

1) Grape varietal (Some grape types benefit a lot with age, others don't)
2) If you prefer primary, or secondary, or even tertiary flavors (not everyone likes old wine)
3) Style of the producer (some make backwards, long-lived wines, others ready to go)
4) Vintage (certain vintages shut down for a time, others are more friendly)

If you have a specific region in mind you'll probably get more direction...

Well said. When asked if I like 'old wines,' my response is, "I like old wines that taste young... and conversely young wines that taste old." Specifically on the point of the producer's style, I usually prefer Brunello with at least a decade of age on it (as much for the acidity as for the tannins), but there are producers - Fuligni comes to mind - where their young wines aren't so tannic, and yet they exhibit enough secondary flavors that they're not just fruit bombs. At the same time, their BdM with 2 decades on it still seems fresh and lively. Only time and experience will reveal to you what really matters to your palate. What a magnificent adventure!