Reply to "Preferred Age of Wine?"

Originally posted by Danyull:
No, there aren't really any general rules. It depends on a lot of things:

1) Grape varietal (Some grape types benefit a lot with age, others don't)
2) If you prefer primary, or secondary, or even tertiary flavors (not everyone likes old wine)
3) Style of the producer (some make backwards, long-lived wines, others ready to go)
4) Vintage (certain vintages shut down for a time, others are more friendly)

If you have a specific region in mind you'll probably get more direction. Also, 98% of wine is meant to be consumed in the first year or so. Very little wine benefits from age. It can seem different based on what wines people talk about here but you have to remember that people here are definitely in the minority of wine drinkers as a whole.

Great response Danyull.

And, unlike what GregT suggested, for me, anything beyond 10 days out of the barrel starts to taste funky and decrepit to me!!