Reply to "Portugal Restaurants"

Well we are back.  Wonderful trip.  We really enjoyed Portugal.  Fantastic people, food, wine, sights, etc.  Excellent meals all around.


In Porto, we dined at 



Tapabento - all meals very good, great service.  Almeja and especially Tapabento were extremely affordable.  

In Douro Valley - Toca da Raposa - wonderful family restaurant.  I had a baby kid/rice dish baked in a vessel that looked like a roof tile.  

We went to Belmonte - which was a center of Crypto Jews since the Inquisition and ate all our meals at our hotel with was the Convento de Belmonte - and fortunately- all dishes were exqusition

Sintra - both dinners at Incomum - which is probably the best place in town - as one of our friends was ill the first night - it was so good we did not want him to miss out so we went a second time.  Impossibly cheap as well.  

Lisbon - we has some exceptional meals.  Bairro do Avilez - which was a very nice setting and the food was excellent but probably the worst service we had the whole trip.  Our unplanned dinner was at Restaurante do Duque - which was an inexpensive local place that was nice although I won the night with my duck confit and rice dish.  Last dinner was at Peixaria da Esquina - which was fantastic - with whole giant fish being brought table side to choose like some steakhouses and they could not be nicer.  We also had a number of great lunches, with whole fish meals being 10 Euro each and could be fileted using a spoon.

Ended up getting Pateis at Belem - but did not have to wait as our guide got them - delicious.  

All in all - a fantastic trip.  We drank a wide variety of largely Douro reds and whatever whites were most local.  We generally did not splurge at all on wine and there was little reason to do so and we were not travelling with friends who were really into wine.  In the Douro Valley we did taste these - 

2006 Dow Quinto do Bomfim Vintage Port

1985 Dow Vintage Port

1992 Dow Tawny

Graham 40 Year Tawny