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Reply to "Please recommend South African and Chinese Wines?"

Thank you for the detailed replies! I have been out with a terrible flu (remind me to get my flu shot next year). Below is an udpate, much of which was a result of recommendations of replies to my inquiry.

Ken Forrester - I purchased 2 bottles of FMC Chenin Blanc

De Toren I found online. I have never seen a wine described as 200% New Oak (Book XVII)! I purchased a botte of 2017 Fusion V. 

S.A. is covered now with a red and a white.

China -
Chateau Changyu Blue Diamond Icewine. This may be a gamble but at $50 I am not worried.
Legacy Peak Chardonnay I was able to easily secure a bottle of the 2017 vintage. 
The Chinese reds are mostly costly or difficult to find so I may end my search and keep these two whites in the package.

I was turned on to K and L wines online store and found 2009 Keltis Mario Brut from Slovenia for $24
The family my daugher was staying with in Ukraine was kind enough to purchase and send me a bottle of Kolonist 2019 Riesling and "Bisser" sparkling wine and I reimbursed them.

Thank you again for your recommendations. Since I have since collected 16 bottles (4 over a case) the gift will now include two cases. I'm interested in more Eastern European and Russian wines, and anything easily accessible from China if it is of reasonable quality.