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Please help recommend me some wines

Hi all.

This is my first post on these forums and I'm hoping you all can help to point me in the right direction of what wines to explore next.
As it stands, I usually have one or two go to wines that I drink for all occasions. I understand how pairing the right wine with the right food enhances it, however I wouldn't say I'm yet at the point where this is something I practice. I drink the majority of my wine apart from meals.

I used to be a big fan of dry red italian wines such as brunello and chianti and many Montepulciano wines. I also loved a good california cab sauv.
Unfortunately, I developed a case of bad heart burn and most red wines now upset my stomach so I try to avoid them and opt for white wines.

My girlfriend drinks white wines so I decided to try to find a happy middle ground between what she likes and what I like.
She was used to drinking a sweeter reisling so I tried this, but it was much too sugary for me. We were both able to compromise on a semi-dry reisling without too much residual sugar, but it wasn't perfect.

We also drink a fair amount of Santa Margharita pinot grigio.
I'm sure you're all familiar with this wine, but if not it's here:
I like this wine, but it's a little dead to me and has very little complexity or depth.
The next wine I found was at one of my favorite italian restaurants and it's called Fertuna Plato Bianco. I ordered a case of this wine and love it. The viognier gives it a nice floral note and some depth which I appreciate, but it's still got the clean, dry qualities of the santa margherita. I've tried 100% viognier wines before and was not very impressed.

I think what I like in a white wine is clean, dry, well-balanced, refreshing characteristics. I like some depth and complexity to a wine to give my palette something to explore. I like floral notes, and definitely do not like when a wine is too fruit forward. I also don't like a wine to be acidic. Finally, I like what some people refer to as minerality.

I've given you a little history of my favorite wines and my tastes. I'm hoping you can recommend some types of wines that possess some of the characteristics above so I can branch out and try some new wines that I'll love.
Since I'm looking for some wines I can drink on a regular basis, I would prefer to keep the bottles under $15 if possible, but I'll gladly take other suggestions to give them a try or for special occasions.
I'm always open to trying new things.

Thanks for your help.

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