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Reply to "Philadelphia Steak Houses"

I have been to Philly a few times!
(10,000?? over 43 years?) Wink

I still like the Capital Grille. We have been there enough that the staff knows the family - that helps. What doesn't help is that I know, own or have owned a large number og the wines on the list at 40% the price they charge.

The Prime Rib has great food, but the crowd is older and the tables are small. The Palm is fun, but ordinary. Ruth Chris is a darker version of the Palm. Sullivan's in the King of Prussia Mall is a good time, with an experience comparable and maybe better than the Palm. The thing about KC Prime is that they are generally high priced, although the meat is a notch beeter than most others. Smith and Wollensky has more variety and also high quality.

Tough Call, lot's of B, B plusses.


PS - Grill 'em at home and open my own bottles!!!
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