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Reply to "Pairing questions"

Initially I thought I would not respond to this post, but now I think maybe I should.

I am relatively new to wine. Many of the people on these boards are as well. I lurked for almost a year before I even registered - let alone decided to post. I think my first post or at least one of my first post was to ask if anyone knew of a wine that went with spicy chili(and the answer was beer). Smile

Board-O - I appreciate what you are saying, but MANY newbies only guideline on pairing is white for fish red for meat. I know that while I can easily pick a wine I like, I do not have the experience or the knowledge to automatically know what wines go best with which dishes.

Normally when we cook in my house - I have to spend a half hour on the internet looking for pairing options - because I have no clue what will work best. Sure I can pick something that will work or won't ruin a dish but I want something that because of the pairing elevates the food and the wine.

My guess is its a mixed bag with the posters, sometimes they are too lazy to look around and sometimes there are so many recommendations that they cannot narrow it down to a varietal or two (let alone a bottle or two) and are looking for some sort of consensus or someone elses favorite pick.

I know that there are a couple of people on these boards who opinion I would value on pairing issues. Board-O you are one of those people as well as Winetarelli or Wine + Art and others. So if in the future I (or someone else) posts a request for a pairing that is incredibly obvious - take it as a complement to your superior experience and share your favorite choice with the newbie.

Perhaps in the future the better question is not what to pair with meatloaf - but what would YOU pair with meatloaf.