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Reply to "Pairing questions"

Originally posted by wine+art:
Winetarelli, true Sauvignon Blanc comes from Loire. One from California would never cross my mind. Wink

As for Chardonnay with this dish, I would not pick a Burgundy.

So, pick any white you like was a very poor recommendation. Razz Smile

Hey, my first thought when reading that was, "unless 100% of the whites on the list were made by Kistler, Aubert, Peter Michael or Marcassin..." so I agree with you on rec quality. As a completely tangential note, however, I've had some more modern styled 1er Cru Meursault, particularly from Charmes, as well as some more modern styled Corton Charlemagne, that might pair well; but in general, I'd agree to stay away from white Burgundy, too.

AND, I know you at least drink white Graves (which I tend to much prefer to dry Loire) Big Grin