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Reply to "Olivia Wilde is the sexiest actress alive (let the debate begin)"

Originally posted by winetarelli:

No. She is not. I have several arguments as to why she is not. In no particular order.

>Argument #1<

-Side not- I just chose an argument at near random, and this is what I got

>Argument #2.1.1<

>Argument #2.1.2<

>Argument #2.2.1<

>Argument #2.2.2<

-Side note- I could make a lot more sub arguments here...

>Argument #3.1.1<

>Argument #3.1.2<

>Argument #3.2<

-Side note- Lots of other possible sub arguments here

>Argument #4<

-Side note- I mean...

Really, there are many more arguments I could make, but I think this is sufficient thoroughly to disprove your hypothesis.

I do love me some hermione... Natalie Portman, not so much.