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Reply to "October 2014: What Are You Drinking?"

Back to back tastings today:

At Fratelli Brovia

2011 Barbera d'Alba Ciabot Del Fi
2010 Nebbiolo d'Alba Valmaggione

They've almost sold out of their 2010 cru Baroli, and can't offer them at tastings, and have a limited sales to 3 bottles of each cru. I bought one each of the Villero, Brea Ca'Mia and Rocche.

At Paolo Scavino

2013 Sorriso Langhe (white blend)
2012 Barbera d'Alba Affinato in Carati
2012 Langhe Nebbiolo
2010 Barolo
2005 Barolo Cannubi
2005 Barolo Bric del Fiasc

They are sold out of the 2010 cru Baroli, and can only offer the blend at tastings. I already have the '05 Bric del Fiasc, so I bought a few bottles of the 2005 Cannubi. I also liked the 2012 Barbera d'Alba Affinato in Carati and the 2010 "base" Barolo, but I'm limited in how much I can haul back to Canada.

Both visits were positive, enlightening experiences. Alex Sanchez at Brovia was busy with work, but Alessandra was charming and knowledgeable.

At Scavino, Riccardo was passionate and informative. He received his sommelier designation while he was still a teenager - and it's clear he knows and loves wine. We also talked for awhile with Enrico and his sister. They don't speak English, and we don't speak Italian, but we were able to make ourselves understood.

At both visits, we had lengthy tours of the facilities and I took quite a few photos which I'll post later.