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Reply to "October 2014: What are you buying?"

Originally posted by VinCentric:
QUESTION: I got an offer for 2009 Wolf Blass Platinum Label Shiraz $55 USD., $48 for the 2008.

2009 looks like an off vintage for Barossa, but the WB Platinum Shiraz got a 93 from WS. At the price it seems worth trying a couple.

I don't buy enough Aussie shiraz to gauge this. I have liked the Platinum Shiraz in previous tastings but like it more at $55 than $100+.

What do you think? Paging VinT.

i like it

but i dont know even payin 55$ for it
regardless of the vintage.

simply because d'arenberg makes a dead arm that you can get on sale at 25-35$

it's unapologetically fruity, forward, crowd pleaser with some nice silky tannins to keep it interesting and mkae you think it's complex.

But you can get that with alot of aussie shirazs so i dont give it points on "complexity"

the nose is a bit lacking acutally and you can pick up that sweet smelling nose on a yellow tail reserve in my opinion. None of that cool pronounced eucalytus nose you get on the grange or the dead arm'

basically, i'd pay 30$ for a bottle like this 50$ after taxes would be my absolute tops.