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Reply to "October 2013: What are you drinking?"

Just read your notes.

I wonder if your bottle was off. I certainly expected a youn, high-alcohol, bruiser. However, the '05 Kayli I had was excellent and didn't over-power at all. That's actually what surprised me about it.

Could yours have seen some heat at some point?

I also read your thoughts on the Diamond Creek and aged Bordeaux in general.

I'll offer my 2 Cents

I agree that 80's Cali Cabs have aged beautifully and drink very, very well. Even the early 90's cabs are aging gracefully, and in some cases, beautifully.

However, there was a style shift in the late 90's that persisted for most of the first decade of the 2000's resulting in (and I'm generalizing) "bigger" wines.

I'm not convinced these bigger wines will age the way 80's Dominus, Mondavi, Diamond Creek, Heitz, etc aged.

The '97 vintage, which is a poster-boy of sorts for the modern style, is not drinking very well these days. Sure, there are exceptions and stand-outs, but by and large, it's past its prime.

My point being, don't get too excited about aging the current releases too long. At the very least, check in on them regularly (you own a Coravin, don't you? Wink)

2004's are drinking spectacularly right now, and I'd say they are mostly at their peak, with some still needing some time in the cellar. However, I don't think that in 2031 anyone will be talking about how great the 2004 Diamond Creek is drinking.