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Reply to "October 2013: What are you drinking?"

Originally posted by Wine Sparty:
A great evening last night with Parcival, jcubed & smartlysauced:
2007 Peter Michael La Carriere Chardonnay
1998 Canon La Gaffeliere
1986 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill Cabernet Sauvignon
2008 Anderson's Conn Valley Eloge
2005 Hundred Acre Kayli Morgan Cab

No specific notes - too busy enjoying the conversation & company - but I enjoyed all of them. First two reds were quite different than the last two, that's for sure.

Sorry to have missed this. Xhoser opened the '05 Hundred Acre Kayli about a year ago when in town and it was sublime. J3, you were probably there last year - how is this developing?

How was the Diamond Creek showing?